Sunday, December 1, 2013

I am Bella

I am Bella.  I am the head cat in this household.  Big and beautiful blue eyes, that's me.  I am a Snow Shoe Siamese mix.  I was rescued from being thrown in the river with my siblings.  Can you imagine??

Now I have a home.  And I am large and in charge! 

My favorite human is the little blonde one.

And my favorite place to sleep is in the sink.

There are two other stars in this show:  The elusive SassyCat and the naughty Pepper.  

More to come.... 


  1. Bella you are so cute! I used to foster a Siamese kitty for a while. I also had my own beautiful Russian Gray cat, but he died in February. This is my first Christmas without him. :(

  2. Aww Bella! You and your cat siblings are adorable.