Monday, December 2, 2013

Spicy Pepper

My name is Pepper.  I have clear blue eyes, and I am a Siamese/Ragdoll mix.  I think.  Also known as Silly Pepper, Spicy Pepper, and Bitey Cat.  My first memories are of being in a cage with my siblings at the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter.  I was tiny and about five, maybe six weeks old.  They called me Rufus but I didn't like that name at all!  I was just learning to eat real food.  There were a lot of us in that one cage, so I had lots of friends to play with.

 On October 1st. I got picked to be on The List.  I wasn't sure what list they meant, but I was excited to be picked for something.  It seems a few of us were on The List for that Tuesday.  I waited and nothing happened, until a pretty lady with reddish brown hair came to see me.  The shelter lady pointed at me and I wondered if maybe this had something to do with The List?  The two ladies went away for a bit, then the shelter lady wrapped me in a soft towel.  The reddish haired lady put me in a box, and into her car.  I liked her a lot.

We drove up to a red brick house and she brought me inside!!  I had never been inside a house before!!!  She put me in a small room and gave me food and water.  It was a little scary to be in a new place. We sat on the floor and I talked to her the whole time, and climbed up on her shoulder.  I talked a lot.  I liked this lady a lot.

Eventually I was let out of the small room to meet the rest of my new family.  Two little girls and a big hefty guy.  I liked them a lot.  I also had two cat siblings.  They did not like me at first, but I was determined to win them over!!  I pounce on them, chase them, and bite them every chance I get to show them I am harmless!  I think it's working.

It's been two months since I left the shelter.  I sure have grown.  I have mastered eating canned and dry food.  I have mastered jumping on the kitchen table.  The couch is my fav scratching place.  I have even mastered the litter box!!!  My Mommy is the most comfy bed ever.  She jokes that she has always wanted to be a cat bed, so I am happy to oblige.  She is also fun to bite!!  She tries to get away, but I just bite harder.  I know she likes it because she likes me, right?

I am so happy.  I am where I belong.  I am home.

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  1. I am glad you have found such a nice home! You are a very sweet kitten!