Wednesday, December 4, 2013

SassyCat the invisible cat

I am SassyCat.  I am best at being invisible.  You could spend a week at my house and never see me.

My first owner was a mean old lady.  She fed me beans and rice and threw me outside in the winter cold.  She called me names and said she hated me.  So I got a new mommy and a new home, temporarily.  My now Mommy got married and built me a brand new house and was able to take me!!  It was so big and scary that I spent four days hiding under the bed.  I didn't even come out to eat.

I am 13 years old and have been here longer than the other two.  I don't have time for this kitten nonsense.  The other cat is ok and nice to cuddle with.  She also cleans my ears for me, which is why I tolerate her.

I spend most of my days sleeping under the bed.

Things I DO NOT LIKE!!!!!
* noise
* trucks
* noisy trucks
* plastic bags
* door bells
* people
* loud people
* noise
* other cats
* visitors of any kind
* vacuum cleaners
* barking dogs
* knocking
* the school bus
* the garage door opener
* the lawn mower
* the mixer
* the dryer
* sneezing
* horns
* stomping feet
* flushing toilets
* the wind

All and any of the above will send me under the bed.  And that is why I spend most days in my safe place - aka under the bed.  At night, I spend about 30 minutes getting petted and scratched and sucking on my Mommy's arm.  Then I go back into stealth mode.  I'm really good at it because my Mommy often has to prove my existence to visitors because they never see me.  My biggest fear is being locked out of the house.  I enjoy my morning and evening romps in the yard, but my humans must leave the door open a bit or I WILL FREAK OUT!!!!

Other than all of that, I am completely normal.


  1. I am sorry your first owner was so mean to you. Why did she even want to have a cat? She certainly didn't deserve one! I am glad you got to have a new mommy.

  2. We all need a place to be ourselves; I'm glad you found yours.